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Almanac Realty Investors Names Simon Wadsworth Senior Advisor

Almanac Realty Investors, a leading provider of growth capital to public and private real estate companies, today named Simon R.C. Wadsworth as Senior Advisor.

Mr. Wadsworth, 65, had served for 16 years as Chief Financial Officer for Mid-America Apartment Communities, a Real Estate Investment Trust with multi-family investments across the U.S. Sunbelt. After he retired as CFO, he served as Special Advisor to the Chairman, from 2010 to 2012. He was also a Director of the company during his entire tenure there, from 1994 to 2012.

"Simon brings an expanse of knowledge and experience to Almanac and we are pleased to have him as part of our team," said Matthew Kaplan, Managing Partner of Almanac. "He is a well-accomplished businessman and his expertise in REITs, as both an executive and an investor, will be a meaningful benefit for all of our investors and partners."

Mr. Wadsworth's duties will include being Almanac's representative on the Board of Directors of some of the companies in which Almanac invests.

Since his retirement as Mid-America's CFO, Mr. Wadsworth has authored a book "REIT Cash Is King," on investing in REIT Preferred Securities. He also performed various consulting assignments and is an active investor in real estate and REITs. Mr. Wadsworth graduated from Cambridge University in England, with a BA in economics in 1968, and from Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, with an MBA in 1973.

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